When is a tooth extraction needed?

A tooth extraction may be necessary if you have a broken or damaged tooth that has been repaired with either a filling or crown. In some cases, the tooth has too much damage and cannot repaired. Other common reasons for tooth extractions are infection from periodontal disease, excessive tooth decay, and overcrowding.

What to expect during a tooth extraction?

A simple dental extraction is done when the tooth can be easily seen in the mouth. Local anesthetic or nitrous oxide to help keep patients comfortable and pain free, and the tooth is simply removed. If the tooth has not erupted or is broken, a surgical extraction may be required.

Surgical extractions are a bit more complex, and local anesthesia is used to keep patients pain free, calm, and relaxed. A small incision is made in the gum, and this allows us to reach the tooth and remove it. Surgical extractions are a common procedure, and in some cases stitches may be needed. The stitches ensure the area heals properly after surgery.

After the surgery our team will discuss the post-extraction instructions to help you care for your mouth at home. The soft tissue usually heals in around 3-4 weeks. Once the patient is healed we do require them to return to our office for a follow up visit. During the follow up visit we can discuss next steps for tooth replacement or restoration.

If you are interested in finding out more about tooth extractions, contact our office to schedule an appointment.